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Campaign Office Launch

2 April 2012

Friends and family join in the celebrations at the launch of John Gouldson's campaign office, in the Old Post Office Building, Margaret Street, behind GPO Restaurant.


"We need councillors who will make the tough decisions.  John's keen to listen to what the community has to say, and even more determined to get things rolling."
- Clive Berghofer

"John's doing this from the heart.  Unlike some other candidates, he has no vested interests, no ulterior purpose.  All he wants is to do the right thing by this region."
- Clive Berghofer
Ben Gouldson and his family, keen to support his father in this latest venture."

John’s supporters listening intently as he opens the doors to his campaign office.


TBA Welcomes Services Manager

2 April 2012

John, TBA  Vice President passing the basketball to David Petroziello when he arrived from Canada. David will be the Toowoomba Basketball Association Services Manager for the next few years which is a Queensland Government appointment.




Getting the Message Across

31 March 2012

Saturday morning, getting ready for a blitz of election corflutes around the Toowoomba Regional Council electorate.

John Gouldson was up early putting out more corflute signs.

John believes that its each candidates responsibility to maintain their signs.






Three Way Dedication of the Sunflowers, Lion's Park, Tourist Road, Picnic Point

30 March 2012

For about two years, Leah Rapoport and her Junior Advisory Panel of Group Dynamics, a community non profit organisation has been working with young school leaders to create a statue that they dedicated three ways:
the Garden City of Toowoomba and region the schools and University of Southern Queensland and Toowoomb...a West Lions Club, a club that deceased local councillor Ian Orford was proudly a member.

John Gouldson was one of very many local individuals and businesses who provided support during the planning and creation of this outstanding memorial. The sunflower was chosen as a floral tribute because it is both beautiful, useful and even able to provide healing through biological science.




Toowoomba Regional Enterprise a Q & A forum

16 March 2012

John and Clive Berghofer met with Clive Palmer at the Toowoomba Airport. John organised a  Toowoomba Regional Enterprise a Q & A forum with around twenty local businessmen immediately prior to the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce Surat Basin Summit Lunch.



Toowoomba Royal Show Launch

26 March 2012

John Gouldson with Angus Lane and John Minz at the sponsors launch for the Toowoomba Royal Show




26 years of Secondary School Basketball Championships

25 March 2012

The Friday night Secondary School Basketball Championships celebrated it 26th year at the Clive Berghofer Arena last Friday with Centenary Heights State High School winning the Kathy Gouldson Champion Girls School Trophy and St Marys College winning the John Gouldson Champion Boys School Trophy. This year is the time that St Marys College... has been awarded the trophy which is a tribute to the efforts of teacher and coach Rod Logan who has been involved in the competition since inception.

Teachers started this competition in 1987 on Friday nights with the help of Toowoomba basketball to give the opportunity for more spectators to participate with their teams as modelled on the High School and University competitions in the USA. It has been a resounding success primarily because of the dedication of teachers who have given up their time to coach teams.

The 2012 competition involved 16 High Schools from Toowoomba, Lockyer District, Crows Nest, Kingaroy and Pittsworth will culminate with open All-Star Games this Friday night at 6.30pm for the girls and 7.30pm for the boys. The All-Star teams are comprised of the judged best 16 players in the competition.

John G presenting to Jason Ebeneter (Captain) and Rod Logan (Coach 26years)



Financial planners in Toowoomba celebrate milestones

4 March 2012

The Financial Planning Association (FPA) Toowoomba Chapter is holding an event to mark two significant milestones reached this year. As well as noting the 20 year anniversary of the FPA representing financial planners on the Downs, the Toowoomba Chapter will also celebrate the progress made by financial planners and the FPA in raising the standards in financial planning as a profession.

To mark this significant time, the Toowoomba FPA Chapter will hold an event at 5.30pm on Tuesday, 13 March at the Toowoomba Sports Club where they will publicly pay tribute to the Chapter Chairs who led in the development of the Financial Planning Profession since inception.

Toowoomba FPA Chapter Chair John Gouldson said:

“This is a great opportunity for residents, financial planners and fellow professionals in the Toowoomba Chapter to celebrate the relationships cemented over the past 20 years in this area. Following the constitutional changes the FPA adopted in 2011, members are esteemed as professionals with high education and ethical standards upholding the ‘client first’ principle.

“In Toowoomba, we continue to work with other professionals including accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, bankers and lenders to get the best possible outcome for our clients. With this in mind, we wanted to invite all residents and fellow professionals to this celebration.”

Topics of discussion will include the recent Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms as well as addressing the day to day needs of local residents with tips on budgeting, savings and maximizing investment returns.



Local Parkcare group moves mountains

The Prince Henry Heights Parkcare Group has been meeting regularly for about eight years. This site is located at the top of Panorama Crescent Park off Panorama Crescent, Prince Henry Heights. Pedestrian access is down the laneway between No. 4 and No. 8 Panorama Crescent. A small group of between 6 and 10 neighbours has ‘adopted’ this park, and (when it’s not raining) once a month, on the third Sunday, at 7.00am, they gather to transform what was an overgrown jungle of Lantana, Privet, Celtus, Morning Glory and a multiple of other noxious weeks, into a rehabilitated bushland area where the native species are once again thriving.

Co-ordinator of the local group, John Gouldson said, “Initially the council Bushcare Officers from the Parks and Recreation Section of the Toowoomba City Council were very helpful, providing everything that we needed – tools, gloves, matting, stakes, plant protectors, tube stock, poisons. Everything that is, except the labour, which we very willingly provided.”

The early years when the group began were particularly difficult because it was in the middle of the ten year drought. Somehow, with careful watering from a neighbours’ precious rainwater tank (filled by purchased bore water) the plants were kept alive. With two years of generous rainfall it is now unrecognisable from those early days, and passing walkers are now able to enjoy the park again.

A bonus, and perhaps the primary motivation, that kept the small work group going was the greatly improved bush fire protection gained by the removal of noxious weeds and undergrowth. Gouldson remembers, “This section of Prince Henry Heights has been threatened by bushfires twice in recent years. In 2000, the entire neighbourhood was evacuated for three days, and our houses were only saved by massive water bombing.”

Unfortunately, since the amalgamation, council support appears to be a thing of the past. The Friends of Escarpment Parks volunteer group has offered limited support by way of tools, gloves, sprays. However,the principle remains, encouraging neighbourhood groups to ‘adopt’ areas of bushland, blocks of vacant land, footpaths and other areas that are usually the responsibility of councils, frees up council resources to do other major works. Local volunteer groups, given just a little assistance with simple things like mulch, are there all the time, because their members live there, benefit from the improvements and actually get to use the parks. Local park care groups are willing to do those small maintenance jobs that must be done, but must be done regularly.

Neighbourhood volunteers can achieve major improvements in small parks and other areas that are often quite inaccessible, labour intensive, and therefore prohibitively expensive if man power is costed on an hourly basis. A small group of dedicated neighbours can persist in their efforts to maintain such areas because that same small group benefit from their own efforts. Sometimes, though, they just need a little help. And then they can move mountains - of weeds.


Photo of – John and Kathy Gouldson, Stewart and Ann Peacock, Anne-Maree Hechsher chipping away at what was once a mountain of weeds.



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